Upgrading from SSP 3 to SSP 5

The overall process for upgrading from StudioSchool Pro v3 to v5 consists of the following steps:

Short Version:

  1. Download and install the new version of FileMaker Pro and additional plug-ins required by StudioSchool Pro
  2. Download and install the new version of FileMaker Server on the your server computer
  3. Test to see that the new FileMaker Server is visible to the workstations and that you can open the FileMaker Server Sample file.
  4. Send your StudioSchool Pro 3 files to Dedication Technologies, Inc. for conversion to StudioSchool Pro 5 format.
  5. Download, install and review your converted files
  6. Enjoy StudioSchool Pro 5's many new features

Detailed Version:

  1. Download and install FileMaker Pro and the third-party plug-ins used on StudioSchool Pro on all workstation machines. (For Multi-user Licensees, installing FileMaker Pro on the Server machine for the purpose of performing future updates can also be a good idea. The server however should not be used as a workstation.)
  2. Download and install FileMaker Server (multi-user licensees only): on the server machine making sure to note whatever username and password you choose to enter during the installation process. This username and password are required to open the FileMaker Server Admin Console after installation. There is no password reset function, so failure to record this username and password may result in the need to re-install FileMaker Server and enter a new username and password. Be sure to record this username and password in a known location for other/future users.

    If FileMaker Server 5.5 is also installed on this machine and will continue to be used until FileMaker Server 11 is actively in use, you will need to Stop FileMaker Server 11 and set it to not Automatically restart on computer startup. This can be done in the FileMaker Server Admin Console using the large red Stop button in the upper left. FileMaker Server 5.5 can be stopped in Services and may need to be turned off to open the FMS 11 Admin Console.

    Note that Windows Firewall or other security software or hardware my block FileMaker Server or the FileMaker Server Admin Console from functioning properly. In the Windows Firewall Exceptions tab, FileMaker Server must be unblocked as an application. In addition, the following ports must also be unblocked: 5003, 16000, and 16001. Additional information on ports can be found in the FileMaker Server Getting Started manual. We also strongly recommend that more than one person at each school know how to startup and access the FileMaker Server Admin console as this is an essential step in managing FM Server and troubleshooting problems.

  3. Testing the new configuration using FileMaker Pro & Server 9 (multi-user licensees only) With FileMaker Server 9’s Database Server active, open FileMaker Pro 9 on any workstation and either click the “Remote” button in the Open File dialog or click File -> Open Remote. Under “View: Local Hosts” you should see your server. Highlighting the server you should see and be able to open the FileMaker Server Sample file.

  1. Converting StudioSchool Pro v3 to v4 data files. This process must be performed by Dedication Technologies, Inc. on an agreed upon date. When you are ready to convert, go to your server and stop FileMaker Server 5.5. Zip the folder containing the 30 or so StudioSchool Pro 3 database files and send that folder to us using http://yousendit.com or a similar file sending service, or post it to a server somewhere and send us a link to download the file. Always send a separate email confirming that the files have been sent.

    Please allow 1-2 business days during which time you will not be able to make changes in StudioSchool Pro data (however in many cases turnaround is often less than 24 hours). You can continue to access your old files for reference purposes, but make no edits or entries. When the conversion is complete, we will return your new StudioSchool Pro 4 files. To install them, open the FileMaker Admin Console and use the Upload Databases option. End users can then use the “Remote” button to access the new files, just as they have been using the “Hosts” button with FileMaker Pro 6.

  2. Install and test your converted files:

    1. Single-User Licensees - download your converted StudioSchool Pro 4 files and decompress the .zip archive (on Windows, right-click and choose Extract All, do not double-click; on Macintosh, just double-click). Double-click on the StudioSchoolPro.fp7 file and enter your default username and password as noted in your Registration letter.

    2. Multi-User Licensees - Follow the Single-User instructions first to make sure you files open properly in FileMaker Pro before moving them to FileMaker Server. Once you have opened and inspected the files directly, upload them to the FileMaker Server as follows:
      1. Open the FileMaker Server Admin Console either on the Server or remotely from a workstation.
      2. Click on "Databases" in the menu on the left.
      3. Click the "Upload Database" button or link and select your new StudioSchool Pro files.These include: StudioSchoolPro.fp7, SSP_Reports.fp7 and SSP_Postcodes.fp7. A fourth file, SSP_Web.fp7 may also be included. Upload the files and when asked, have the Admin Console automatically open them. (Note: the files can also be manually uploaded and opened within FM Server, but the Admin Console "Upload" method is preferred as a data integrity check is performed on the files before they are opened.
      4. Open FileMaker Pro on a Workstation, click the "Remote" button. Your server should be visible in the Local Hosts dialog. Click the server on the left, and then double-click on the StudioSchoolPro.fp7 file on the right.
      5. Enter your default username and password as noted in your Registration letter.

  3. Enjoy StudioSchool Pro 5's many new features
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