Susan KoselDirector
Lundstrum Center for the Performing Arts

We are so happy with SSP ... Thank you for your years of developing this wonderful tool for all of us.

Edwina FrenchExecutive Director
Community Music School

After having used and previewed several other database programs, we’ve found StudioSchool Pro to be the best by far. Will has thoroughly thought through the process of registration, scheduling, invoicing, mailings, and donations. This program has everything that the higher priced programs have and more.

John Goodnough Director
ActonArt Drawing School

My business lives and breathes on the back of SSP. I could not function without it. It is the single most important piece of software in the studio. I don't know how we'd survive without it!

Shannon SlatteryProgram Director
Goggleworks Center for the Arts

Your work is truly an asset to the nonprofit community! I'm still learning my way around the program, but so far - it's been incredible - it has really streamlined our class registration process - thanks!

Al ForsterTreasurer and Trustee
Artist's Association of Nantucket

StudioSchool Pro has been a Godsend to the Artists' Association by bringing a substantially higher level of organization into our efforts to manage numerous teaching programs and fundraising efforts. The integrated data collecting and reporting has enabled us to realize more timely and accurate entry of financial information into our accounting system. SSP is an excellent, affordable solution for not only small and medium sized schools but also virtually any organization with fundraising needs.

Jason Trotta – Executive Director
Northampton Community Music Center

For years, community arts organizations have struggled with off-the-rack software that doesn't cater to our specific needs. We have had the good fortune of being the school for which Will Loving first started developing StudioSchool Pro. It is 9 years in the making and it has gone further that any other piece of software on the market in meeting the unique needs of community schools of the arts. While there is still room for improvement, Will has shown extraordinary commitment to its continued development and I would highly recommend it to schools who are dissatisfied with their current software.

Rene Micheo Academy Director, Principal Character Dancer
Cincinnati Ballet

As School (and IT) Director for the Otto M. Budig Academy of the Cincinnati Ballet, I feel relieved to know that such a great company has charge of our database. The support and guidance we have received for StudioSchool Pro has been outstanding. The Academy has three locations and before acquiring StudioSchool Pro we suffered through many hours of headaches and difficulties attempting to manage using Excel. Parents, teachers, staff, our board and our accountant have all praised StudioSchool Pro and the new degree of organization it has brought to our school. We look great thanks to StudioSchool Pro. Thank you, Will!

Christina LeBlanc Financial Consultant to Non-Profits/Small Business Cape Cod, Massachusetts

StudioSchool Pro's class registration module is the cleanest I’ve seen. Integration with the fundraising side is seamless and income and payment reports reconcile easily with QuickBooks. It manages data that QuickBooks can’t handle in a way that makes accounting sense and it’s affordable. There’s no comparable product on the market. I've recommended it to non-profit clients so often that this year I added it to my Business Accounting/Comptroller class as a case study.

Cristina Sitz – Director of Programs and Admissions
Opus 118 - Harlem School of Music

StudioSchoolPro is an invaluable tool in the daily administration of our organization. The program allows me to store a wide variety of useful information and manipulate it according to our many different needs. SSP integrates all the necessary features to successfully manage our music school, with accessible and easily understood reports at my fingertips. It has been my great pleasure to collaborate with Will Loving and I deeply appreciate his terrific customer service.


Beverly Broyles– Executive Director
River Tree Center for the Arts

StudioSchoolPro is an Executive Director’s dream come true! Every staff member can immediately access membership data, class enrollment, tuition status, produce labels, track a student's registration and answer almost any question posed by a Board member or by an active or prospective participant. Prior to StudioSchoolPro, staff spent endless amounts of time searching for information and being unable to answer simple questions about payment status unless the Finance Coordinator was in the office.

Dedication Technologies has always been quick to respond to even the simplest of questions and has been remarkably patient when the ultimate problem is almost always “operator error.” The staff at River Tree Center for the Arts is all now fully utilizing StudioSchool Pro and we continue to learn new and exciting ways to utilize the many operations possible with the system.

Robert Wyatt – Artistic Director and former Managing Director
Cape Cod Conservatory

For weeks, I have been receiving information from Guild members regarding their concerns about affordable and excellent software. Just today, I have decided to purchase a system created by a brilliant young designer, Will Loving, who has spent 7-8 years sculpting a Filemaker Pro (PC/Mac) program into a product of true beauty. Please visit his website at http://studioschoolpro.com for both a narrative and a tour of his StudioSchool Pro Management System. And tell him that Robert sent you!

Jeremy Marusek – Registrar
Northampton Community Music Center

I started working with a custom database Dedication Technologies built for us when I started at the Northampton Community Music Center in 1997. Seven years later I'm still working with SSP and couldn't be any happier. With StudioSchool Pro I have really been able to streamline many aspects of my job here as the Office Manager of the Center. SSP not only tracks all of our teacher/class schedules, tuition payments, billing, and mailing lists, but the latest version has integrated donor/donation receivables and payments, with that alone I save hours a week. I've spoken with a number of other administrators from Community Music Schools who have never had a system they were happy with and after reviewing what our system could do they could not wait to get there hand on SSP. I can't even begin to tell you how much stuff SSP does but if you have questions, Will Loving at Dedication Technologies is very helpful.

Al Forster – Trustee and Treasurer
Nantucket New School (a private day school)

We were longtime users of FileMaker to support our annual appeal, special events and capital campaigns but, as our organization grew, our locally written program could not keep up. We were ecstatic to meet Will Loving and StudioSchoolPro. This FileMaker-based program more than met our development needs and being a part of a beta-test group was a wonderful dividend since it allowed us to play a role in enhancing SSP's development module. We now look forward to integrating SSP's operations modules into the management of the classroom aspects of the Nantucket New School.

Bev Cherulnik
Cancer Connection

I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know that we at Cancer Connection are very appreciative of all the work you've done for us. The database is extremely useful for us to keep in touch with clients as well as provide information for current and potential funding sources. Personally, as the database manager, I want to thank you for your prompt responses to my at times hysterical problems. You have been understanding and patient in getting me through problems which I have encountered (mostly through my own actions). Thank you.

Fern Spierer
Hampshire Health Connect

Studio School Pro is just what we needed! For a small non-profit on a limited budget, SSP is the best value for the money. Why build a database from scratch when, SSP has everything we needed. The time we used to spend building a database can now be spent on raising money. SSP is the only program at this price that combines fundraising, class registrations and event management, so there is no need to buy extra modules. SSP has made it easy to keep track of our fundraising efforts and the user friendly interface make data collecting and reporting a snap. I can't imagine using anything else.

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