Resources for Arts and other Not-for-Profit Organizations

  • National Guild for Community Arts Education
    The National Guild of Community Arts Education is the national service organization for a diverse constituency of non-profit, non-degree-granting institutions located in urban, suburban and rural communities throughout the United States. Currently, the Guild's membership consists of 450 institutions, which serve more 2.5 million students. A list of Guild Member Organization with web links is available HERE.

  • - Free Photo Pro account for Not-for-Profits is a top-rated, online photo-sharing service that includes photo printing. They offer free "Pro" accounts (normally $150/year) to not-for-profit organizations. Here's a description from Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal: "SmugMug...offers unlimited storage, password protection, retrieval of photos in high-resolution format and it doesn’t require your friends to register or to receive spam. It is also a handsome site that allows you to customize the way your photos are presented and to tweak the photos themselves, to a limited extent."

  • Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA)
    Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts groups exist in most states and parts of Canada. They are non-profit organizations established to meet the legal needs of the artistic community by providing pro bono legal services. The most basic form of assistance is with incorporation as a non-profit and establishment of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. While there is no central VLA organization, the New York VLA website provides a state-by-state directory of US & Canada VLA organizations as well as other useful links.

  • Business Volunteers for the Arts (BVA)
    Business Volunteers for the Arts groups exist in 23 states with thousands of business professionals helping thousands of nonprofit arts organizations by sharing their business expertise and talents on a wide range of consulting projects. Since the program’s inception, it has generated over $100 million in donated services, cash and other in-kind resources. The BVA networks objectives are:
    • To help not-for-profit arts organizations improve their business practices.
    • To provide rewarding opportunities for business professionals who wish to contribute to their community and become involved directly with the arts.
    • To increase business leadership on behalf of the arts.

  • International Network of Schools for the Advancement of Arts Education
    The International NETWORK of Schools for the Advancement of Arts Education inspires and promotes excellence in arts education.  NETWORK supports and serves the constituents of schools, instructional programs, post-secondary institutions as well as individual members; fosters communication among constituents; promotes the development of instructional programs and new schools of the arts; and provides leadership in arts education through advocacy, professional development and communication.


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