StudioSchool Pro® Annual Maintenance Plan

Purchase the StudioSchool Pro Annual Maintenance Plan to receive ongoing updates and support for your StudioSchool Pro installation. The Plan includes:

  • Upgrade to StudioSchool Pro 5 for StudioSchool Pro 4 users
  • StudioSchool Pro maintenance and new feature updates for the period of the plan
  • Access to Email-initiated techical support

The Maintenance Plan does not include automatic updates to new versions of FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server, but maintenance plan holder can purchase new version licenses at a significant discount. To purchase FileMaker updates please call 413-253-7223.

StudioSchool Pro Annual Maintenance Plan (12 months)

$499 $399 - SSP Single user - Annual Maintenance Plan

$999 $899 - SSP Multi user - Annual Maintenance Plan



  1. As of January 1, 2012, all StudioSchool Pro customers must have an annual maintenance plan in place to receive updates and technical support. Technical support for non-maintenance users will be on a per incident, pay as you go basis.
  2. New SSP users or those who purchase an upgrade from StudioSchool Pro 3 to version 5 automatically receive 12 months of maintenance with their purchase.
  3. Maintenance Plans run for 12 months from the date of purchase unless otherwise specified.
  4. The maintenance plan covers any StudioSchool Pro updates or upgrades issued during the period of the contract.
  5. The maintenance plan covers email initiated technical support. We may respond by email or phone. Technical support is defined as a question about what appears to be improper functioning of the product (a bug) or a single question about how the product works that is confusing to the user or is not explicitly covered in the documentation. Technical support does not include ongoing or progressive training in the use of the product.
  6. Updates and upgrades apply to StudioSchool Pro only and do not include udpates or upgrades to FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server. Dedication Technologies, Inc. offers inexpensive upgrades and a separate annual maintenance plan for FileMaker Products. FileMaker maintenance must be purchase at the same time as new or upgrade FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server licenses. It cannot be added on at a later time.
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